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Articles Tagged - firstdate

Pre-Date Confidence Boosters

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Even the most confident of us feel a little awkward before a date, especially a first date. We may be the center of attention for our family, the superstar of the office, a person with presence, poise and personality, but even the smoothest operator needs to do a few things to boost his or her pre-date confidence and get that mojo going. But what are some good techniques to bump up your self-assurance?First, why not dress the part? Don’t be way over dressed but don’t underdress either. Pick an o... read more.

Building Confidence Before a First Date

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Going out on a date can be a scary and nerve wracking proposition. You are about to go to dinner, a movie or for drinks with someone whom you have never met before. What can you do to make sure that you are confident and successful on your first date? Don't Set Your Expectations Too High Don't think about whether or not you are going to kiss her at the end of the night or if she will invite you in for coffee after dinner. The goal is to get to know the other person and have fun for a few hours. As long as... read more.

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Everyone wants to date a doctor for their work ethic, knowledge and caring nature, but you can get many of the same benefits if you date a nurse. Of course, you should only date someone that you're into, but these perks can be a great help! 1. First Aid on Standby Hopefully, you won't need your girlfriend's first aid or CPR certification, but should someone injure themselves, it's great that she's on the scene. 2. Nurses Are Tough When your little one comes running up squirting a fountain of blood, a nu... read more.

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

A healthy relationship starts with a series of good dates. If you are a man in the medical field looking to get into in the dating scene, listed below are some things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your dates go smoothly. 1) Find Fun Things to Do Be sure to plan an activity that the both of you will enjoy on your date. Miniature golf, rock climbing or bowling are three ways to have fun and connect with each other. 2) Never Push for Benefits In the Bedroom While sex is certainly part of a he... read more.

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