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Articles Tagged - onlinedating

Don’t Sabotage your Online Chances

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 There are lots of guys who are jockeying for position on online dating sites. But sometimes when trying to be unique, it backfires. You end up looking creepy. Or awkward. Your chances of getting a response become considerably low. But you did do someone a favor. By portraying yourself this way you’ve made your fellow single brothers look better by comparison.Don’t sabotage your online chances.First, don’t just write one message and spam multiple women with it. It strikes at insinceri... read more.

How to Let Someone Down Gently

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Sometimes you meet someone online and they turn out to be way different than you imagined. Other times, they are great, but there is no chemistry. And then there are those whom you just don’t mesh with. Whatever the reason, you like them as a person, but the sparks aren’t flying. So you want to let them down gently. It can feel really hard doing so. But it is better to be upfront and honest then let things drag on when you aren’t into it. Straightforward is certainly the hardest but the mo... read more.

When Dating, Keep your Head in the Game

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Chemistry is surely important for a relationship, no question. But leading with your heart and ignoring your head is a recipe for a broken heart. You have to keep your head in the game too. It’s a balance between heart and head, feelings and watching what the other person does and what it might indicate. Keep an eye out too for compatibility. But too many ignore warning sides in relationships that other see, and pay the price.Here’s some advice to keep your wits about youIf you are really fallin... read more.

Five Men to Avoid when Dating Electronically

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Dating apps and websites abound, and there is a large pool of single men to choose from. Though the lovelorn proclaim that “All the good ones are taken,” there are a lot of good men out there, and within all age groups. The trouble is there are a lot of weirdos, jerks, narcissists and everything else you could imagine. That’s why it pays to have a good filtering system. Just a few quick considerations in the beginning can mean the difference between landing on someone who has potentia... read more.

Crafting the Perfect Profile with Science

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Millions of singles use online dating sites and apps each and every day. With so many people online it can be hard to figure out how to craft a profile that will make the right person get in contact with you, rather than pass your profile by. Luckily, crafting the perfect profile is no longer a mystery, as long as you do so with science. Or just follow what others have done using science. Wired magazine crawled through heaps of data on two popular online dating sites, and OkCupid. T... read more.

Often Unnoticed Benefits to Internet Dating

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 Have you ever met someone you clicked with, but then blew your chances of making a romantic connection with them? Or perhaps you are coming to the conclusion that the type you are attracted to isn’t the best kind of person for you to be with. Then there are those who find it nerve wracking to approach someone, or express a romantic interest in someone for fear of rejection. Lots of people at one time or another in their lifetime find that they are running in place in their love life, getting now... read more.

How Attraction Really Works

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Conventional wisdom says that men are attracted to women who have physical beauty while women want a provider. This is of course a simplification. But Social Psychologists from Northwestern University, Paul Eastwick and Eli Finkel, set out to see whether or not our assumptions of what makes each sex attractive to the other was true.The researchers strove to find out why it is we choose who we do as a partner. They enlisted 163 undergraduates for a speed dating event. Each participant was face-to-face with a... read more.

OKCupid Admits Experimenting on Members

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

OKCupid, once one of the top dating sites, has sullied its reputation by admitting it experiments on its members. It all started when a report published by psychologists revealed that they used Facebook to change people’s newsfeeds and then observe their feelings on these changes.In January 2012, for one week, University of California San Francisco along with Cornell University researchers altered Facebook’s algorithm for over 600,000 users. One group was given subjects in their news feed that e... read more.

Can You Find a Perfect Match Online?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Many wonder if you can really find your perfect match online. At least one study says yes you can! A study by one consumer group out of England found that 20% of online daters have married someone they met online. One in five aren’t bad odds now are they? More significantly, 50% of those who met someone online went on to date that person, and 65% said that they found online dating easier than traditional dating.Editor-in-Chief of told the Daily Mail, “Online dating is revolutionizing... read more.

In a Long-Distance Relationship, Who Should Move?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Though some claim they never work, there are those intrepid few who can make their long-distance relationship work. Some say that these relationships are stronger and deeper. Each partner knows how to communicate well; conversation and sharing ideas are the stock and trade. But when it’s time for the distance to shorten, and the two to be reunited, who should be the one to move?The truth is each long-distance relationship is unique in its circumstance (like every other relationship, too), so there isn... read more.

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