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Articles Tagged - DatingTips

Altruism Naturally Attractive to Some Women

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Evolutionary biologists have long wondered about the origins of altruism, since the choice to be altruistic often gives one a disadvantage in terms of survival—helping someone else perhaps at your own expense. Richard Dawkins has said that genes are selfish, so why does a hero risk his life to say, push an unsuspecting stranger out of the way of an oncoming bus? This doesn’t only happen in the human sphere. Ants for instance, will raise the children of others.One study out of England may provide... read more.

Have Priorities in Dating

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Do you have priorities or preferences while dating? A preference is a certain type you find appealing, a certain look or swag. But priorities are the things you need in a relationship, such as trustworthiness, positivity, supportiveness, good communication, a great sense of humor, physical and psychological chemistry, and so forth.Most people date only for their preferences. They get together with whoever flips their switch. But without much in common, things are exciting. They burn twice as bright, but las... read more.

Pre-Date Confidence Boosters

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Even the most confident of us feel a little awkward before a date, especially a first date. We may be the center of attention for our family, the superstar of the office, a person with presence, poise and personality, but even the smoothest operator needs to do a few things to boost his or her pre-date confidence and get that mojo going. But what are some good techniques to bump up your self-assurance?First, why not dress the part? Don’t be way over dressed but don’t underdress either. Pick an o... read more.

First Date Outfit Advice for Men

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Though setting the right impression for when she lands eyes on you can feel really important, truth be told, landing the date is usually the hardest part. Don’t get yourself all wound up worrying about what you should wear. Look for what works for you, your style and body type, and then do different incarnations of the same basic principle for follow-up dates.Don’t slough off any care in picking your outfit either. If you want to impress her, it’s a good idea to dress up just a tad. You do... read more.

When Dating, Keep your Head in the Game

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Chemistry is surely important for a relationship, no question. But leading with your heart and ignoring your head is a recipe for a broken heart. You have to keep your head in the game too. It’s a balance between heart and head, feelings and watching what the other person does and what it might indicate. Keep an eye out too for compatibility. But too many ignore warning sides in relationships that other see, and pay the price.Here’s some advice to keep your wits about youIf you are really fallin... read more.

Avoid Common Make out Blunders

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Ever move in for the kiss and slam your teeth against someone else’s lip? Or your chin against their forehead? Then there’s the Scooby Doo kiss, where someone's face gets slobbered.  In addition, you have the nibbler, the fish, the pounder, and the tongue tornado. There are all types of kissing and they can be considered right, wrong, a matter of preference, or just plain weird.Generally speaking, it's traditionally been the guy's job to move in for the first kiss. But it takes two to tango... read more.

Working Love around being a Workaholic

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Your career can feel like the most important and validating factor in your life. But it can also get lonely. A fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of room to find love. Relationships take time, commitment and cultivation, just like your career. It can be hard for a workaholic to find the right balance, or to even work in time for love. Some people are workaholics and some just feel that way. First, let’s determine if you are in fact a workaholic! Do you have little time for friend... read more.

Breaking the News to your Children that you’ve met Someone

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

The last thing you want is for your kids to find out accidentally that you are dating someone new. They will likely feel sad and standoffish about it, as if they were kept in the dark, or lied to on purpose. This can potentially damage your relationship with them. It is better to be honest and upfront, should someone special enter your life. You don’t have to tell them about every single detail, or even every date. But don’t keep things from them either. Of course, it isn’t easy to te... read more.

How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Guys

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Do you seem to always be dating the wrong guy? Usually women date one or two duds.  At first she thinks this guy is a good match, but comes to realize sooner or later just how wrong she is. But usually after a few mistakes, she readjusts her criteria and fine tunes her radar. Soon she’s attracting guys that are right for her. Other women always seem to be dating someone that’ s bad, abusive, manipulative, controlling, who takes advantage of her or doesn’t treat her right. If you&rsquo... read more.

If you want to Know if your Date is Lying, Watch Their Eyes

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Youths fall in love trusting their lover’s implicitly, before even getting to know them. They trust the feeling love gives, instead of their senses and minds, and end up having their hearts ripped out. But that is all part and parcel of young love. You can’t learn everything in a textbook. Some things, you have to trip over yourself. Of course, trust as an adult comes as time moves on and you get to know the other person better. Still, it can be hard to detect deception. We adults too fall under... read more.

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