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Articles Tagged - Dating

Breaking out of a Dating Rut

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Sometimes you just aren’t meeting anyone. You are too busy. You’re running around in the same social circles and not finding anyone new. Everyone online that approaches you is a bore. Or when you do meet someone, you are disappointed. If you find yourself in a slump, don’t despair. It happens to everyone from time to time. The good news is it isn’t your destiny to wander the earth alone. Some people start to wonder if they are damaged goods, or have some sort of natural love repellen... read more.

Is Internet Dating Taking the Human Factor out of the Equation?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Dating websites and smartphone apps can give us dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of potential matches in our area. But in a recent New York Times article, Leah Reich discusses whether our reliance on these dating algorithms, which rely on data and details, is taking the human factor out of the equation. Just the sheer volume of potential possibilities alone can be a real problem. Some people even serial date, and soon find they have dating fatigue.Reich says, “With so many options, h... read more.

Stop Him from Pulling Away

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

When a relationship first starts forming, you two will be calling and texting each other all the time, laughing and sharing everything. It is so sweet. You can’t wait to see each other or talk on the phone. But you can reach a point where he starts to pull away. He doesn’t call or text as often, doesn’t spend as much time on the phone with you, or even makes other plans for the weekend that don’t include you. The way a woman acts at this delicate juncture can hasten his departure. Bu... read more.

Start your Relationship off Right

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 What’s more exhilarating than falling in love? The whole universe seems to be alive. The stars are brighter. Colors dance. People look happier. Well maybe not the last one. You get the picture. But sometimes there’s anxiety too. Could this be the one? You don’t want to ruin what could be the romance of a lifetime. So how do you make sure everything stays on track? Relax. We’ve got you covered.Here’s how to start your relationship off right:First, of course spend time toge... read more.

Get her to kiss you

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 That first kiss can be exhilarating or a nightmare. It can go either way really. Of course rapport and chemistry count for a lot. But if you lose the moment you may have lost her, or cast yourself into the bin of 'almosts' and 'could-have-beens'.Here are some tips on how to make sure things land on the exhilarating side of things:Despair young shy guys. A girl giving the first kiss is indeed a rare thing. You need to sit tight. Get to know her and while you are doing that read the signs to see how int... read more.

Couples with Different Sleep Schedules will Inevitably Fight

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Couples who cohabitate often sleep better than singles. But if you have different sleep schedules, you can kiss that benefit goodbye. Sometimes it’s work that forces one person up early and the other to stay up late, perhaps working the late shift. At other times, it's just that each person’s natural sleep and waking rhythm doesn’t sync up. One is a morning person while the other loves to stay up late.Research shows that those couples who go to bed at different times have significantly les... read more.

The Most Important Quality for a Partner to Have

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

Dating advice on the internet abounds. Oftentimes these come in the form of listicles announcing the most important characteristics to look for in a mate. But there is really only one quality you should be looking for, the most important one. Many people have a sketch of what they are looking for. Then there are those who have a long list of guidelines their potential mate is required to have. But one of the reasons why these sketches and lists don’t work is that often we meet someone who doesn’... read more.

Are you in Love with two Different People?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? This is a special type of conundrum that comes up on occasion in dating, being in love with two people at once. Of course it’s flattering when two are enchanted by you. It can be a particular kind of excruciating pleasure to find out who you are supposed to be with. Those in this situation often feel stuck in a unique predicament. But you can’t imagine how many people run into this problem. The crux of the issue is can you love two people... read more.

What to do if you are Unlucky in Love?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

At some point we all have a terrible time at love. You can feel like you’re doomed, wanting to give up, throw your hands up in the air and shout from the rooftops, swearing off intimacy forever. Then what? Will you bare a solitary lifestyle as a hermit? It’s not for everyone, though at times in life it does seem to have its charm. Don’t banish yourself to a cold, Spartan existence just yet. We all get slowed down from time to time in the morass of dating fatigue.So what do you do if you ar... read more.

Are you and your Partner a Good Match?

By Doctor Date, Posted in Dating Tips

 Sometimes within the physical realm everything is phenomenal in a relationship, but your values tend to clash. It can be difficult then to evaluate whether or not you and your partner are good for each other in this circumstance. In fact our mating evaluation system tends to be evolutionary instead of psychological. On a genetic level, we are pre-programmed to look for someone who is different enough from us so as not to have the same genes, but similar enough so that the relationship has a shot.So ho... read more.

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