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Posts in Online Dating

Little Known Facts about Online Dating

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

 Freakonomics Radio recently did a story about Alli Reed, a Los Angeles based comedy writer who wrote a fake profile on OKCupid as the worst woman in the world. Taking a model friend’s photo, she made a profile of a 25 year old, gold digging, racist, who fakes a pregnancy. But the profile got nearly 1,000 male replies. According to Paul Oyer, Stanford economist, men put a lot of stock in looks.“A hot woman receives roughly four times the messages an average-looking woman gets and 25 ti... read more.

How to Take the Perfect Profile Photo

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

Let’s be honest, the first thing anyone on a dating site checks out is your profile picture. Everyone is guilty of this and, honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed about... We want to make sure we have chemistry with a potential mate, which usually includes, but is not limited to, physical attraction. Just make sure you're looking for things you have in common with potential dates as well. Awkward silences aren’t adequately filled with admiring your date’s captivating visage, and if... read more.

More Efficient Online Dating

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

 Online dating can be a fast, efficient way to meet people in your area. When you work in healthcare, you don’t always have time to spend hours sorting through online dating profiles, hoping to find a good match.  If you want to make your online dating experience as quick and productive as possible, follow this advice for more efficient online dating:First, put some parameters on how you are going to search. You can quickly feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of profiles available on the av... read more.

Divorce Rates are Lower among Relationships that Began Online!

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

Though online dating is on the rise, there is still a stigma surrounding relationships initiated online. The assumption is that these relationships don’t last as long as those initiated offline, in the “real” world. Some online relationships also have the challenge of maintaining a long-distance relationship, with the individuals rarely getting to meet in person.But could our negative perceptions about the quality of online-initiated relationships be misguided? A new University of Chi... read more.

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

Online dating has completely changed the way that we think about dating. Instead of going on a blind date, meeting someone at a bar or just hoping to run into someone at the grocery store, you can take your time and find someone who is right for you. If you are going to date online, here are some important questions to ask your new fling. What Are You Looking For Right Now? This has to be the first question that you ask anyone that you meet online. Anyone who is ready to jump into a serious relationsh... read more.

By Doctor Date, Posted in Online Dating

Finding someone you are attracted to and feel comfortable with can be tricky whether you do so in person or through an online dating site. Doctor Date can allow you to find a romantic connection and browse through potential candidates who share similar interests. There are several ways to make your profile stand out and captivate the attention of others, here are five tips to successful online dating: 1) Compose An Engaging Profile When someone first comes across your profile, they want to know enough abo... read more.

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