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Ugly Sexy is Still Sexy

Ugly Sexy is Still Sexy

By Doctor Date (385 words)
Posted in Dating Tips on July 27, 2015

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Sex appeal isn’t just about looks. Confidence, charisma, talent and presence are sexy qualities that can draw people in even more than physical assets do.

Oftentimes we put little stock in these things. but even if beauty is the eye of the beholder, how can you come to terms with being ugly sexy as Hollywood calls it? How can you play it up? First it’s important to realize that ugly sexy or unconventional sex appeal is still attractive, some would argue even more so that physical beauty. Most people struggle over some so-called deficiency in their appearance. But it’s the people who are most comfortable with themselves, including their faults that do smashingly in the realm of love. It’s those most comfortable in their own skin that makes us feel at ease. They feel comfortable enough to develop their talents uninhibited, and so they impress. What hotter than someone who makes an impression? Though beautiful faces hit our eyes from all directions throughout the course of the day from glossy magazine covers to pop-up ads to entertainers on TV, true attractiveness often has little to do with physique or facial features.

Sometimes it’s the dark and moody types that collect all the phone numbers. An attractive woman often cultivates an air of mystery. For guys is the one who can make a woman laugh anywhere or glues her to the spot with his intellect, wit and passion. For both sexes those who have talents that go beyond themselves can draw eyes and hearts towards them. Musicians, poets, writers, film makers and artists of all sorts never cease to have a troop of admirers, no matter their looks. Those who are passionate about a cause can also play on our heartstrings. Sometimes it’s just a mere sense of style that pulls us in. Some men are sexy not because of their looks but due to being rugged, manly men. And lots of women have enchanted their man and drawn him in with their fun, buoyant, and outrageously addictive personality. Everyone knows someone who they never thought of as attractive in the beginning but after they got to know the person, found them intoxicating. That person could be you. Remember that no matter what your physical assets are beauty fades. But internal beauty will always draw admirers.



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