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Odd Behaviors to Expect from Online Dating

Odd Behaviors to Expect from Online Dating

By Doctor Date (525 words)
Posted in Dating Tips on August 03, 2015

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Online dating can be a great way to look at and consider a lot of different people in a short amount of time. With everyone so busy nowadays it can be tough to meet someone. Online, you can meet so many different people in a short amount of time. It’s safe, convenient, quick and easy and you can check people out from anywhere. And online dating is considered chic and trendy, not sad and desperate like those old personal ads.

Still there are lots of odd behaviors to expect from online dating that you don’t necessarily run into in other venues or mediums to meet someone. If you are jumping in to the online dating pool, prepare yourself. If you are already in it, recognize whether you’ve experienced one of these. Because of how easy it is to see and meet people on the internet, you may encounter serial relationship types.

These are people who fear being alone and jump from one person to another. They may be clingy, needy, extremely jealous and harboring a low self-esteem. Ask how long it’s been since their last relationship. Ask a few other questions about their love life and see what you can dig up. Another thing is intermittent responses. This might be the sign of a player. If you are chatting up a storm with someone and thinking things are clicking only to see them drop off the planet, they probably found someone else. But if they constantly reemerge, they may be dating multiple people at once.

Another person you might run into is the entitled person. This is someone who thinks that they are the bees knees and you should prove to them how you are worthy to be with them. There is nothing wrong with knowing your self-worth and having self-esteem. But if this person is arrogant, conceited, even narcissistic, the relationship won’t be 50-50. If they spend all their time bragging, talking about themselves and have little interest in you, move on. If you are looking for a relationship, look out for those just looking for random hookups. Some people will want to chat with you, butter you up, but notice how they approach you. They only deal with your physicality. If you try to talk about anything on a deeper level, or take a little time to get to know them than they disappear. Know what you want and keep an eye out for anyone who wants to meet to quickly and only wants to keep things on the surface. On the other side, there are those who are perpetually shy. You email and chat back and forth for what seems like forever, without any indication of moving things forward offline. Give them enough time. If it’s been long enough suggest a date. And if they aren’t interested move on. Lastly, look out for those messages who come from people who live far away. Something is fishy here. Keep your eyes open and your radar up. Online dating can be a great tool. But don’t think it’s infallible. Filtering out the wrong people and embracing those who fit your criteria should help you find success. 

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