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Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

By Doctor Date (594 words)
Posted in Relationship Advice on August 14, 2013

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Make the most out of your long distance relationship!Plenty of chick flicks have explored the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship, that's both happy and healthy. However, real-life couples have made their love last despite miles and oceans in between. While a long distance relationship is handled differently for every couple, consider these helpful tips to eliminate the distance barrier.

Call Me, Lover

Of course; when you can't physically be with your special someone every day, you have to feel near to that person. Phone calls allow you to hear the tone of voice, which is something that texting and Facebook messaging lacks. Who doesn't like to hear their special someone laugh rather than read "LOL?"

Cam It Up!

Technology means that you don't have to rely on your phones, either. With free video and voice calling available on nearly every mobile device and Skype for computers, you not only get to hear your girlfriend or boyfriend, but you can also see them. A screen isn't the ideal replacement for a warm body, but you'll at least be able to look at those baby blues. Experts like Paul A. Falzone, who runs a dating service, suggests that you schedule time every day to talk to your loved one, so that you both feel connected to the other's life.

Don't Forget Romance

You might not be able to pop in and surprise your beau at the spur of the moment, but you can still add the element of surprise with a gift, card or even flowers. This is especially true if you don't frequently communicate through snail mail. An old-fashioned love letter is sure to bring a smile to your lover's face. If you're not sure what to send, how about a small item or piece of clothing of your own that reminds your loved one of you? Of course, this doesn’t replace going on a date or being together but it’s a solid way to feel their presence. You'll feel just as good if he returns the favor, too.

Take a Trip

Of course, all the time you spend apart from your significant other makes the time you spend together even more special. The few-and-far-between time that you have together is important and reminds you what all the stress is for. Plan some trips back and forth to get some face time with your lover, reconnect physically and reminisce over the good times you've had together. Both of you should try to visit the other; although, this isn't always possible. Cherish the time you have together no matter how little it might be.

Patience Makes Perfect

Although communication is key for your long-distance relationship, you might not always be able to talk as much as you'd like. Living separate lives means things will sometimes get in the way. It's easy to take this personally, but your partner isn't doing it to hurt you. Remember that what's happening in person can prevent you from connecting as much as you'd like, and both of you should cut the other some slack.

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